• Thanks...

Thank you to the many organisations supporting different aspects of CDF17.

We couldn't do it without you.

Lead investment in the festival has been made by the Arts Council of Wales as part of its support for festivals across Wales.

Interruption, our residency project with Basement 21, is part of the 2017 UK India Year of Culture. It has been financially supported through the India Wales Fund run by Wales Arts International and the British Council. Thanks to City of Cardiff Council and University of South Wales for their support of the project's event day.

All three of our presenting partners - Chapter, National Dance Company Wales and Wales Millennium Centre - actively support the festival. We are immensely grateful to the many members of staff involved and for the practical, in-kind support that helps make events possible.

Our performance programme has been financially supported by Chapter, Migrations and Wales Millennium Centre. Programme research visits along the way were supported by Culture Ireland, Fieldwork, The Work Room and Wales Arts International.

Our professional development events are being run in partnership with Groundwork Pro, an initiative supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

Thanks too to the following agencies that are supporting visits by international artists and companies:

Culture Ireland for its support of Liz Roche Company

Pro Helvetica in Switzerland for its support of Compagnie Philippe Saire

Québec Government Office in London and Canada Council for the Arts for their support of the residency by maribé - sors de ce corps and Montréal Danse.

Information about commissioners, co-producers and funders for different productions can be found on event pages.