• Don't think about a purple daisy

Joanna Young

A collaboration between choreographer Joanna Young and composer Jamie McCarthy Don’t think about a purple daisy began as a research project exploring notions of choice, autonomy and freewill. We eventually came to realise, that, for us, to explore these things was also to explore 'how we are' with things and people.

Arising out of that research, this performance installation combining sound, film and dance tentatively explores what it is to be.

Being. Being with order – being with chaos. Being with. You being. Human being. Being with feelings. Being with things. Being on our own. Being with people. Being with and without thoughts and ideas.

Joanna and her collaborators are going to be resident in Chapter during the first week of Cardiff Dance Festival working on the final production phase of the project. The Sunday sharing of the work that’s been made will include a performance and installation. Drop an email to info@dance.wales if you’d like to be invited.

Joanna will be holding a series of open sessions during the residency. Details will be posted on her website and on the notice board in the Chapter foyer.


'An adventurous choreographic voice'
Dancing Times
'The stuff of memory made manifest in all its clarity of detail'
Writing about dance

Choreographer: Joanna Young
Composer: Jamie McCarthy
Dance artist: Belinda Neave
Design consultant: Gerald Tyler

Funded and supported by Arts Council of Wales, Wales Arts International, Work Space Brussels, Creu Cymru, Borough Theatre Abergavenny and Dance Blast.