• Not About Everything

Hiatus / Daniel Linehan


Presented in partnership with Migrations

A single body enters the space and begins to turn. The turning begins gently, but it gradually transforms into an insane gyratory motion.

Within this obsessive circular motion, performer Daniel Linehan introduces a series of variations, accelerations and subtle shifts, creating a funny and complex dance. He subjects himself to strenuous processes involving multiple simultaneous tasks without ceasing his perpetual spinning.

Linehan tells us he is not speaking about desperation, endurance, or government policy; he is not speaking about celebrities, virtuosity, or metaphysical problems. But through his words he calls these issues to our attention, evoking a world far larger than the contained circle he's performing within.

Endlessly spinning around in the centre of this shifting network of ideas, Linehan creates an inverted black hole. A space of disorienting vertigo perhaps, but also a space of thoughtful reflection where all of these ideas can flow and resound.

It's a superb, thrilling performance that slices things apart. Ideas, expectations, the notion of what might be next.

Karine Decorne, Migrations' artistic director, will be leading a Q&A with Daniel after the performance.

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Created and performed by Daniel Linehan
Original lighting: Joe Levasseur
Dramaturgy: Juliette Mapp