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Vince is desperate to explore the forest, but is just a little too scared to go there on his own. One day he meets Poggle, a friendly creature who wants to help him out. Together they go on an adventure into the forest where they discover the magical musical tree. 

Can Vince find his head for heights?

Especially made for children from 6 months to 5 years old and their families, Poggle is a warm hearted and sensory dance theatre piece. With live music and comedy it's got plenty to keep you and your little ones tickled.

After the performance children get the chance to explore the set. What creatures can they find in the forest?

Poggle performers Jade Adamson and Vince Virr are leading Brave Play, a workshop about making work for younger audiences, as part of the artist development programme we're running with Groundwork Pro. It's on Thursday 9 November from 11.30am to 1.30pm at the Dance House. Click here for information.

'Perfectly formed dance theatre'
★★★★★ The Stage
'Simple story, yes - but this Barrowland Ballet production, devised and choreographed by Natasha Gilmore for the very young, goes a wonderfully imaginative extra mile in its mix of bouncy dance-theatre, cunningly versatile design, live music and audience participation.'
★★★★ Glasgow Herald
'Poggle was inspired by my young children as I watched the way they explored and played in the world around them. I loved their joy of discovery and their sense of accomplishment when new skills were found and obstacles overcome. Children find such wonder in the simplest things. Vince does too.'
Natasha Gilmore, choreographer

Choreographer and director: Natasha Gilmore
Composer: Daniel Padden
Set and lighting design: Fred Pommerehn
Costume design: Alison Brown
Producer: Belinda McElhinney
Performers: Jade Adamson, Rory Haye and Vince Virr

Poggle is a co-production between Macrobert Arts Centre and Barrowland Ballet.

About Barrowland Ballet

Based in Glasgow, Barrowland Ballet makes work that delights audiences wherever they go. 

Poggle is on its own journey around Wales during the autumn months. Thanks to the Arts Council of Wales for supporting the tour.